Embellishing the Macabre

The Blackened Teeth set out to illustrate that macabre objects can be turned into thought provoking articles, made alluring through colour and fine craftsmanship. 

Their Lamps are true statement pieces; made using replica bones and human skulls to shed a beautiful light on death.

The Blackened Teeth was formed in early 2018 by partners Rebecca and Lee. 

Rebecca’s background lies within Fine Art and Lee’s in construction.

Their combined experiences in these different fields meant that both concepts and processes were quickly brought to fruition. Together they hand-make alternative decor in their South Wales based workshop. They use subjects that aren’t quintessentially used to beautify the home.

Rebecca’s exploration in to the world of death orientated decor began through her Grandmother being an avid collector of unusual urns. Witnessing these beautiful objects housing an entity now passed, she admired how the precious remnants were rehoused in a symbolic beauteous ornament. Death’s remains had been adorned in these urns and served a powerful, reminiscent sight whilst embellishing her Grandmother’s mantle. An exquisite reminder that death can have a resplendent, halcyon presence in ones home. 

- Meet the Team -

Rebecca Director
Rebecca is the founder, idea machine, marketer and all round boss lady of TBT
Fuelled by caffeine, gin & raw beetroot. Loses jewellery like no-ones business.

Lee Director
Lee is TBT’s king of process and production. He’s an integral part of ideas being brought to fruition. What Lee doesn't know about tools, materials & making isn't worth knowing. Denies having a tool addiction.
Jess - Chandler & Creative Assistant  
Jess is TBT’s Chandler (Candle-Maker) and supports in all other areas of the workshop when she’s not working with wax. “Wait a minute please, I’m pouring babies”
Jess is our calm in the chaos; nothing will phase or deter her.